Training kit is state of the art, a complete kit for Industrial Automation with PLC, HMI & Servo Drive and interfacing/communication with each other. Professional Kits specially designed by Omron Technocrats.


Our labs are in keeping with the latest technology. Starting with the basics of Industrial Automation and proceeding to Advance Lab with PLC/SCADA/HMI/Field instrumentation/Panel designing and AC Drive with fully automatic control system with PID. Servo Motors & Drives. We have an environment of industry in local setup with a water tank / ultrasonic sensor and control valve.

Motor with DOL/ Star delta starter creating hands on Industrial environment under one roof.

Panel wiring diagrams are displayed for better understanding of panels and labs.


In the Current Scenario OMAC is the one which represent the advance motion control with Servo Drives. It is designed to explore the motion control system, position control and speed control system. It is highly precise control system used in Industries & Robotics.

Accuracy & speed control is our prime motto to display the controlling.

Remote/Distributed I/O are planned under one roof with fully automatic control.

SCADA & HMI display to control and accurate monitoring of the plant.

A special conveyor machine to display & replicate Industry Environment.

A special panel to understand and display all the tools used in Industry.


It is highly precise lab to compare Master Product with other products and select / reject.

Vision Technology is used in automobile, food industry, Pharmaceutical industry which is used to rectify human error in high speed environment.
Installation of Vision Lab is made quite simple beyond imagination.
Positioning for high speed environment is another gateway to control in sync with safety devices / Lights / Curtains.


It is basically used to communicate OMRON PLC / HMI / and different Products with other brand devices i.e. PLC / HMI / SCADA /. For example OMRON HMI with Allen Bradley / Siemens / Schneider and Mitsubishi, PLCs.