Workshops are designed to provide practical, hands-on training for institutions and academic programs that want to use student learning as continuous improvement and accreditation initiatives. Participants will work with their own capabilities, regardless of the assessment used, to create a "real-work" plan that integrates the course with the practical training. It optimizes, rather than burdens, the institutional resources.

Course Content

Depending on the topics selected, workshop content can cover Fundamentals & New Techniques, enhancing Student Learning.

In these sessions, participants will learn how to:

  • Develop and organize effective student learning outcomes (SLOs)
  • Evaluate their theoretical learning skills
  • Integrate the latest developments in industry and help educational institutions create realistic and readable course plans
  • Create awareness and understanding of the topic among key stakeholders

Types of Workshops

We offer flexible training options, allowing you to select the workshop that best fits your needs and goals. See below for details.

Full-Day Workshop

  • On-site eight-hour workshop at your institution includes two sessions.
  • Content and discussion are customized to your institution and/or academic program.
  • Includes expert speaker to lead session, plus two-hour live work session, Q&A with additional subject-matter experts.

Half-Day Workshop

  • On-site four-hour workshop at your institution includes one session.
  • Content and discussion are customized to your institution and/or academic program.
  • Includes one expert speaker to lead the session.

An on-campus workshop can help:

Corporate Customized Training One of the key challenges for organizations today is to enable their talent to perform at a high level in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment. Traditional approaches to learning solutions are no longer equipped to deliver the business impact that organizations need.

High performing organizations are shifting from a training-centric approach to a performance-centric one. The upstream manufacturing sector covers a broad range of business and technical disciplines which need to be led by good, strong skilled manpower at every stage.

The industry is high risk, high reward and decisions require well informed decisions throughout the organisation. Consequently, it is important for technical staff, managers and decision-makers to be well informed and have a strong grasp of the entire industry to make the right judgements at the right time. In this day and age, with the escalating cost and complexity of the projects undertaken it is more important to have well trained, skilled people to manage and execute them. Within the Industrial Automation courses section you will find training on a variety of disciplines which focus on these core topics but also frame the subject within the overall context of the Industry we are catering to.